About Gettysburg Home Inspections

I became certified in 2000 to perform home inspections by attending a training school in the Washington DC area that was taught by an inspection company that performed 10,000 inspections a year, followed by ride along training. Shortly after that I decided I wanted to have a full service inspection company that doesn’t rely on 5 other companies to perform an inspection, so I became certified to perform Radon testing, water testing, septic inspections, Termite, mold inspections and air testing as well as lead base paint testing. Member of  NAHI (National Association of Home Inspectors. #12588

My background was 20 years of residential and commercial construction as well as historical renovations. I helped build over 100 residential homes, worked on several schools and prison construction as well as remodeling residential homes to building riding arenas for horses.

Home Inspections:

We start in the kitchen and go room to room checking plumbing, appliances, electrical, windows as well as structural items including basement, crawlspaces, attic, roof and exterior. We encourage the buyer to be part of the inspection learning the essential parts of the home and asking as many they wish.

We provide the client a computerized report with a defective summary the following day and provide 1 free return re inspections to confirm items have been repaired in a professional manor.

We have performed over 2,500 home inspections, 21 of the top Bed & Breakfasts in the historic Gettysburg area, over 100 apartment buildings as well as several commercial buildings.


Mold is literally becoming a growing concern. National media has alerted the public of the destructive and possibly toxic dangers of hidden mold.

Mold can be found in several areas in the home environment. It appears most often in areas with high moisture levels such as basements and crawlspaces usually accompanied with a musty odor. All houses have some molds as they come inside every time you open the door and attach to your cloths when outside. These molds just float around and are not active until they come in contact with moisture, whether it’s a wet basement, leaking plumbing or roof and even high humidity in the air can activate a mold spore. Once the spore is activated it grows roots into whatever surface it’s on and then grows a stem and fruit which is more spores and it spreads rapidly from there.

I provide a visual inspection for mold as well as swab and air testing for mold. The air testing is what we primarily perform because it pulls air from whatever area you want tested into a spore trap, it’s sent to lab and the lab analyzes this under a micro scope. This will give you the name and type of mold so you know if it’s a Toxic or Allergenic mold and it gives you a spore count so you can tell how high the level is. We have to take an outside sample at every location we test. This is used as a background level that is compared to indoor levels because mold levels change significantly from area to area. The indoor testing should be equal to or less than the outside levels to be satisfactory.

  • I am certified in mold Inspection, assessment and indoor air quality testing.
  • We do not provide any mold mitigation, only testing and recommendations.
  • We provide a free visual inspection for mold with our full house inspection.

Visual inspection for mold is $100

Air testing is $150 per test

Swab testing is $125

Septic inspection:

We are certified septic inspectors that follow PSMA (Pennsylvania Septic Management Association) guidelines to perform septic inspections.

We inspect the tanks and absorption system, see attached PSMA add. House vacant more than 7 days is required to perform a hydraulic load test which adds water to system that verifies that system is functional and all components are satisfactory.

Septic inspection fee….$150 / Hydraulic load test…$250

This does not include pumping or digging fee.

We provide no repairs, only inspections and recommendations.

Radon testing:

We are certified by PA Department of Environmental Protection agency Bureau of Radiation Protection to perform radon testing. #2620

Radon is now the second leading cause of lung cancer right behind cigarette smoke. Pennsylvania is primarily a zone 1 on the national rated radon concentration level which is the highest. We use the number one rated continuous monitor testing device to test for radon. The test runs for 48 hours, which are monitor will also measure the barometric pressure of the house as well as the temperature of the house and has a motion detector on the monitor to make sure it was not moved. This will tell if the windows and doors remain closed during the testing period and the barometric level is checked to make sure there is no weather related spike in the radon levels.

Radon map can be found at www.epa.gov

Testing fee is $135

We do not mitigate radon, only testing and recommendations.

I became a Certified Home energy Audit inspector in 2006. I do not perform energy audit but I use what I learned as part of my home inspections.

Lead Base Paint testing.

Swab testing swabs surfaces for lead base paint at surface. The EPA wants no lead base paint at surface and at least 2 coats of paint over any lead base paint present. Lead base paints were pulled from the market in 1975 so primarily by this point in time most surfaces have been painted over several times. We also can do chip testing by pulling loose paint or cutting into paint down to surface to see if there is lead base paint under surface paint, primarily when scraping paint down to surface in restoration work.

Swab testing…$100    Sample testing…$150

Water Analysis:

Water testing is performed primarily to make sure water is safe to drink, however most lenders require testing.

Bacteria testing…tests for total coliform bacteria…$65

FHA series…coliform bacteria, Ecoli, nitrate, nitrites, lead…$160

Chemical VA series…coliform, nitrite, nitrate, PH, total dissolved solids, Iron… $140

Volatile Organic Compounds…$250

Lead test…$50


Termite, WDI, wood destroying insect inspection…$50

Complete inspection from top to bottom of house looking for active termite, powder post beetles, bore bees, carpenter ants and any other wood destroying insects.

Mobile Home Inspections:

Full house with a termite inspection hellip;$225